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Scot fit DVD
scot fit dvd
  • Geared toward Scottish Highland dancers for cross-training
  • DVD features a high-energy interval and strength workout targeting not only the muscles used for highland dance but also muscles commonly under trained

Cost: $24.95
The National Dances by Sabra & Troy MacGillvray Lilt by Peter Purvis
Cost: $20.49
Cost: $18.50
Lilt II by Peter Purvis Strictly Time by Alan Walters
lilt II 
Cost: $18.50
strictly time
Cost: $19.50
Strictly Time II by Alan Walters Leap & Rock VII by Michael Grey
strictly time II 
Cost: $19.50
leap and rock 
Cost: $19.50
It's About Time by Glen Sinclair Diversity by David Wilton
it's about time 
Cost: $19.50
Cost: $19.50
A High Cut Above by Simon Fraser Pipe Band Highland Dance Instructional DVD by Highland Kitty for Beginner-Novice Dancers
high cut above 
Cost: $19.95
  • Instructional DVD
Cost: $37.50