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Dress Tartans and Velvet

Scottish Woven Tartans Canadian Woven Tartans

Scottish List 1:

  • Bruichheath. 13-13ozs weight, Tuck-in selvedge and 137-140cm wide.
  • Prices are per yard. If partial yards are required, call and place your order manually. 902-835-5822
Price: $79.95 per yard

Ailsa Gold: Ailsa Navy Blue: Ailsa Pink:
Ailsa Red: Ailsa Royal Blue: Ailsa Yellow:
Arduaine Red: Barra Fuschia: Birnam Blue:
Canna Sapphire: Cormie Gold: Cormie Navy:
Etive Burgundy: Fyvie Magenta: Gigha Cherry:
Gigha Green: Gigha Lilac: Harris Lilac:
Harris Royal Blue Kyle Grape Kyle Pink
Lewis Green Lewis Magenta Lewis Navy
Lewis Red Shiel Claret Shiel Lavender
Shiel Magenta Shiel Purple Skye Green
Sunnart Pink Sunnart Sapphire Tiree Turquoise
Torridon Burgundy Torridon Cherry Torridon Royal Blue
Torridon Sapphire Uist Green

Scottish List 2

  • 11oz double width (56"wide) cloth, with a natural kilting selvedge.
  • Prices are per yard. If partial metres or yards are required, call and place your order manually. 902-835-5822
  • Sorry, no larger sized images available
Price: $79.95 per yard
Allendale: Aviemore: Ireland:
Dress Ross: Bruce of Kinnaird: Buchanan Blue:
Cerise Mackellar: Creif Red: Cunningham:
dress cunningham
Cunningham Burgundy: Cunningham Green: Cunningham Purple:
cunningham burgundy cunningham green cunningham purple
Cunningham Royal: Drummond of Perth: Earl of Skye Blue:
Earl of Skye Red: Earl of St Andrews: Edinburgh:
Erskine Black & White: Erskine Blue & White: Erskine Burgundy & White:
Ettrick: Ferguson: Fraser:
Ferguson, dress Dress Fraser
Fraser Red: Green Yarrow: Hebridean:
Hebridean Blue: Hunting Ross: Lennox Purple:
Lennox Red: Lennox Turquoise: Lindsay Blue:
Lindsay Red: Lochnagar: Longniddry:
Longniddry Burgundy: Longniddry Eildon: Longniddry Green:
Longniddry Lavender: Longniddry Red: Longniddry Turquoise:
longniddry red longniddry turquoise
Lorne: MacBeth: MacDonald:
lorne MacBeth MacBeth
MacDonald of Glencoe: MacGregor: MacGregor Burgundy:
dress_macdonald_of_glencoe dress_macgregor dress_macgregor_burgundy
MacGregor Red: MacGregor Royal: MacGregor Turquoise:
dress_macgregor_red dress_macgregor_royal dress_macgregor_turquoise
MacIntosh: MacKellar Red: MacKellar Royal:
dress_macintosh dress_mackellar_red dress_mackellar_royal
MacKenzie: MacLean of Duart: MacGregor Burgundy:
dress_mackenzie dress_maclean_of_duart dress_macgregor_burgundy
MacNaughton: MacPherson Burgundy: MacPherson Green:
dress_macnaughton dress_macpherson_burgund dress_macpherson_green
MacPherson Red: Macrae Purple: Merrilees:
dress_macpherson_red dress_macrae_purple dress_merrilees
Milne Red: Milne Green: Milne Royal:
dress_milne_royal dress_milne_green dress_macgregor_burgundy
Morrar: Musselburgh: Nova Scotia:
dress_morrar dress_musselburgh dress_nova_scotia
Nova Scotia 2: Oliver: Pride of Scotland:
dress_novascotia2 dress_oliver dress_pride_of_scotland
Purple Ross: Purple Yarrow: Red Allendale:
dress_purple_ross dress_purple_yarrow dress_red_allendale
Red Culloden: Dress Rose: Rose Nesbit:
dress_red_culloden dress_rose dress_rose_nesbit
Scotland the Brave: Scott: Sinclair:
dress_scotland_the_brave dress_scott dress_sinclair
Special Black Menzies: Special Blue Menzies: Special Cerise Menzies:
dress_spec_dress_black_menzies dress_spec_dress_blue_menzies dress_spec_dress_cerise_menzies
Special Dress MacLeod: Special Red Menzies: Special Royal Menzies:
dress_spec_dress_macleod dress_spec_dress_red_menzies dress_spec_dress_royal_menzies
Strathyre: Strathclyde: Torridon:
dress_stathyre dress_strathclyde dress_torridon
Traquair: Turquoise MacPherson: Tweedsmuire:
dress_traquair dress_turquoise_macpherson dress_tweedsmuir
Wallace Blue: Wallace Red: Yarrow:
dress_wallace_blue dress_wallace_red dress_yarrow

Canadian List 1:

  • 12oz weight, 60" wide wide.
  • Prices are per yard.
  • If partial metres or yards are required, call and place your order manually.
  • 902-835-5822
Price: $79.95

Blue McRae: Blue Menzies: Blue Cunningham:
Green McGregor: Green McCrae of Conchra:: Green Menzies:
Lime McRae: Lime McRae of Conchra: Lime Scott:
dress cunningham
Lime Buchanan: Lime Cunningham: Lime McKellar:
LimeBuchanan_th cunningham green cunningham purple
Purple Cunningham: Purple McGregor: Purple McCrae:
Purple McCrae of Conchra: Purple Menzies: Raspberry MacGregor:
Raspberry McRae of Conchra: Raspberry McKellar: Raspberry Menzies:
Raspberry Scott: Red McRae of Conchra: Red Buchannan:
Ferguson, dress Dress Fraser
Red McRae: Red Menzies: Royal Cunningham:
Royal McPherson: Royal McGregor: Royal McRae
Royal Menzies: Royal Sutherland: Tangerine Cunningham:
Tangerine Scotia: Turquoise Buchanan: Turquoise Erskine:
Turquoise McPherson : Turquoise McRae of Conchra: Turquoise Menzies:
Turquoise Scott: Wine Sutherland:  
longniddry red  

Canadian List 2:

  • 12oz weight, 60" wide wide.
  • Prices are per yard.
  • Available in 100% wool, or a wool/cotton blend (perfect for Aboynes)
  • If partial metres or yards are required, call and place your order manually.
  • 902-835-5822
Price: $79.95 100% wool
Price: $52.00 cotton/wool blend discontinued
Black Scott: Black McKellar: Blue Scott:
Blue McKellar: Burgundy Longnidry: Burgundy Scott:
Colbat Longnidry: Fuschia Lennox: Fuschia Longnidry:
dress cunningham
Fuschia McKellar: Fuschia Scott: Green Lennox:
LimeBuchanan_th cunningham green cunningham purple
Green Scott: Green Longnidry: Green McKellar:
Lavender Longnidry: Light Blue Lennox: Lilac Lenox:
Lilac Scott: McDonald of Glencoe: Navy Scott:
Pride of Scotland: Purple Lennox: Purple McKellar:
Ferguson, dress Dress Fraser
Purple Scott: Red Longniddry: Red Lennox:
Red Scott: Royal Longniddry: Royal Lennox:
Royal Scott: Special Dress Alberta: Special Dress Eildon:
Turquoise Lennox: Turquoise McKellar: Wine Scott:
Wine Lennox: Wine Longniddry: Wine McKellar:
Blue Wallace: Traquar:  
longniddry red