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SOBHD 2015 Textbook, 8th edition, reprinted NOVEMBER 2016 NEW 2015 UKA Textbook
NEW SOBHD 2015 Text Book
NEW 2015 UKA Text Book
  • Highland, National & Hebridean syllabus
  • Medal Tests, Grades, & Teaching Qualifications
2015 SOBHD Organisers' Handbook The Complete Guide to the Scottish National Dances, all in one guide.  Up to date as of Aug. '17
All in one national book
  • The only publication to offer in one place all the correct variations of BATD, SDTA, and UKA for executing steps in the following dances: Blue Bonnets; Earl of Errol, Flora MacDonald, Highland Laddie, Scotch Measure, Scottish Lilt, Village Maid & Barracks Johnnie.
  • This 37-page book is a must have for dance teachers and judges who are tired of searching through multiple copies of national dance books to check on steps.
  • Compiled and edited by Kate DeGood, Christie Freestone, Bill Weaver & Elizabeth Weaver.
STDA National Book 13th Edition — 2018 SOBHD Textbook, 7th edition — 2008
STDA National Book 13th Edition 
$29.95 new edition
  SOBHD Constitutions and Rules —2016
    sobhd constitution and rules

SOBHD Irish Jig Book — 2008 SOBHD Hornpipe Book — 2008
SOBHD Irish Jig Book — 2008 
SOBHD Hornpipe Book — 2008 
SOBHD Old Steps Book — 2009 BATD National Book — Updated April 2017
SOBHD Old Steps Book 
BATD National Book 
BATD Highland Syllabus NEW 2016 Highland Dance Instructional DVD by Highland Kitty for Beginner-Novice Dancers
  • Instructional DVD